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8 beds dormitory
(Man and woman separate)


1-people 1-night  3,200yen〜​​

(There is weekend surcharge)

・Two story bunk beds.

・Bathrooms are shared.

・Each bed has a curtain and electrical outlet and a small space for your luggage.

・There is no locker. Please manage your valuables yourself.

​Private room (Max 6 people)


・This room has bunk beds and futons.

・Bathrooms are shared.

・Each bed has an electric charger and there is dresser.

・There is no locker. Please manage your valuables yourself.


2-people 1-night    8,000yen~

3-people 1-night  12,000yen~

4-people 1-night  16,000yen~

5-people 1-night  20,000yen~

(There is weekend surcharge)

​Self cooking Kitchen & Lounge

We do not serve meals at our hotel.

Instead, we provide a spacious kitchen space and a lounge area, free for to use. (We also have cooking utensils and amount of seasoning)

※For restaurant information, please see the "information" section.

​Shared bathroom

There is a coin-operated washing machine and a dryer, ready for you to use.

The shared shower room is equipped with shampoo and body soap.

※We do not have towels or toothbrushes, we kindly ask you to bring your own.

※There is a shower, but we don't have our own hot spring. If you would like a hot spring, please enjoy bathing at one of the many ryokan nearby.

For hot spring information, please see the "information" section.

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